Dear FocalPrice customers,

      We are delighted to be celebrating FocalPrice's 5th year anniversary and reminiscing on the journey it has been. Reaching this important milestone certainly wouldn't have been possible without you, our dear customers, who have discovered us even though we are continents or oceans apart, trusted us although our site doesn't look like those trendy Western counterparts, and continue to trust us despite our flaws in user experience.

Thank you so much!

Five years later, we are still driven by the same commitment to our customers that we've had since day one:

To provide quality goods at the best price, wherever you are!

To live up to our commitment, we've made some significant changes during the past year. We've cleaned up our inventory and eliminated all potentially counterfeit products from our shelves, a firstever action among cross-border online retailers based in China. We've boosted the resources available to our quality control team and introduced ISO quality control standards to make sure all products are tested before entering our warehouse. We've sourced more products directly from factories so that you can benefit from even lower prices--around 60 percent lower than the retail stores or supermarkets in your neighborhood. And lastly, we've introduced four more shipping service providers for faster shipping times and a more reliable shipping experience.

But we know we still have a long road to travel, and that's why we're relentlessly pursuing improvements in shipping and elsewhere. So stay tuned and keep up the faith!

Finally, I'd like to share with you our vision, that is, to build a bridge connecting products made with products sold. We thoroughly believe that in today's global economy and with today's technology, we can eliminate the unnecessary links and redirect the middleman's profit back into the pockets of end consumers. This is what we aspire to achieve and it continues to drive us forward.

Thank you again for allowing me to share with you our appreciation, our commitment and our vision. Way to go, our amazing customers, and way to go, FocalPrice!

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